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Welcome to the notes for Update 7.0, where we’ll share information about our newest game features and other changes to Paladins Strike. Kai enters the Realm as an original Striker, and HRX Battle Pass holders will have exclusive early access. For all the latest information, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Discord, and YouTube. Thanks for your continued support!

    User Experience

  • New HRX Battle Pass
  • New original Striker, Kai enters the Realm.
  • Enabled remaining Talents for all Champions.
Battle Pass

  • Neith Kinessa
  • Chaac Terminus
  • Poseidon Grohk
  • Cerulean Tech Buck

  • Opening Ceremonies
  • Esports Battles
  • Cosplay Content
  • Streaming the Action
  • World Championship
  • Closing Ceremony

  • Warrior
  • Assassin
  • Mage
  • Hunter
  • Engineer

Chaac Terminus

Neith Kinessa

Poseidon Grohk

Cerulean Tech Buck

New Champions

Enters the Realm!


HRX Battle Pass holders will have exclusive early access to Kai.



Spear Toss

Throw a spear forward, dealing 500 damage to the first enemy on impact

Bonus: After using Spear Toss, drag the left joystick to leap a short distance in a designated direction.


Throw a barbed spear to the designated location, dealing 200 damage to enemies within the area and rooting them for 3s.

Bonus: After using Hamstring, drag the left joystick to leap a short distance in a designated direction.


Move 50% faster and leap 50% further for 5s.

Silver Lance

Deal 500 damage to all nearby enemies and gain 50% Basic Attack
Lifesteal for 10s.

Bonus: Replace Kai’s basic attack with melee attacks for the duration.


  • Level 1
    • Basic attacks reduce healing by 25%
    • Kills and assists restore 5% max health
  • Level 2
    • Increase the effective area of Hamstring by 20%
    • Featherweight lasts 2s longer
  • Level 3
    • Deal 20% more damage to targets rooted by Hamstring
    • During Featherweight, basic attacks apply a 30% slow effect for 3s
  • Level 4
    • Increase Max Health by 1500 during Silver Lance
    • Spear Toss deals 25% more damage
  • Level 5
    • Kills and assists restore 12% ultimate energy
    • Spear Toss can pierce through enemies


Shining Warrior

Unlocked in Awards.

Game Balance
    Bomb King

  • Stick Bomb
    • Throw 2 mechanical bombs which can stick to Champions or objectives, up to 4 bombs can be stuck to the same target. The bombs deal basic attack damage to enemies within the area once detonated.
    • Throw a mechanical bomb which can stick to Champions or objectives, up to 4 bombs can be stuck to the same target. The bombs deal Area Damage once detonated. Up to 6 bombs can exist at the same time.

  • Impulse Talent
    • Blast arrows slow enemies by 40%. If several arrows hit a target, the slow effect stacks by 6% per arrow.
    • Blast Shot fires 2 more arrows.
  • Level 2 Augment
    • Increase the number of blast arrows by 2
    • Crossbow charges 12% faster
  • Level 3 Augment
    • Reduce cooldown of Blast Shot by 50%
    • Blast Arrow applies a 15% slow effect to targets on impact for 2s
  • Level 5 Augment
    • Recover 1 ammo instantly after using Dodge Roll
    • Kills and assists reset the cooldown of Blast Shot

  • Fire Spit
    • Spit a flammable ball of saliva that explodes after hitting a
      target, dealing 1200 1000 damage and reducing the movement speed of all enemies within a large area by 50% for 2s.
      Bonus Damage: Explosive radius and damage grows depending
      on saliva’s travel distance. You may activate the ability again to detonate
      the ball early.
  • Thrust
    • Jet upwards into the air, during this time Drogoz’s basic attacks
      can not be blocked by walls. Ammo reloads 40% faster and you
      move 25% faster.
  • Salvo
    • Fire rockets to bombard the target area, each rocket explodes
      to deal 200 damage.
  • Dragon Punch
    • Unleash your fury and overclock your thrusters to deliver a high
      velocity punch that deals 50% 100% of your target’s maximum health
      as damage, you can deliver 2 punches at most.
  • W.Y.R.M. Jets Talent
    • Kills and Assists during Thrust restore 100% Thrust energy.
  • Spitfire Talent
    • Salvo will lock onto enemies within the area, dealing Area
  • Fusillade Talent
    • Dragon Punch deals damage equal to 60% of the target’s
      maximum health and knocks back enemies in the area, applying
      a 90% slow effect for 2s.
    • Gain a Mark of Greed on kill or assist. Marks of Greed increase
      ammo recharge rate by 8% per Mark, up to 240%
  • Level 2 Augment
    • Travel 25% faster during Thrust
    • Salvo fires 1 extra rocket
  • Level 3 Augments
    • Reduce cooldown of Fire Spit by 20%
    • Explosive area of Fire Spit increased by 50%
    • Gain a 30% damage reduction when flying during Thrust and Dragon Punch
    • Salvo deals 20% more damage
  • Level 4 Augment
    • Dragon Punch consumes 30% less energy
    • Critical Chance increases by 40%
  • Level 5 Augment
    • Dragon Punch duration is increased by 50% and it no longer has a punch time limit
    • Dragon Punch consumes 30% less energy

  • Ice Block
    • Become encased in a block of ice, making you immune to all
      damage. Cannot move or make primary attack for the duration
      of this ability. Reset the cooldown of Blink. Casting abilities will
      break Ice Block.
  • Ice Storm radius increased from 4m to 5m.
  • Wormhole Talent
    • Ice Block resets the cooldown of Blink
    • Activate Blink again within 2.5s to return to your original location
  • Avalanche Talent
    • Ice Storm surrounds Evie and its radius increases by 100% 80%

  • Throwing Axe
    • Throw an axe that deals 600 450 basic damage to the first enemy hit. The further the axe travels, it would deal more damage, 700 damage at most.

  • Suppression Talent
    • Oppressor Mines enter stealth after deploying. Once activated, Oppressor
      Mines will attack all enemies within the area.
  • Power Supply Talent
    • 50% of the damage that Sniper Rifle deals is converted into a shield, up
      to 50% of Kinessa’s Max Health. The shield decays gradually over time
      while out of combat.
    Below are Augments that have been reworked to be more specific to Kinessa

  • Level 1 Augments
    • Basic attacks deal 25% more damage to shields
    • CC duration reduced by 12%
  • Level 2 Augments
    • When you manually exit Sniper Mode, you gain 20% movement speed for 2s.
    • Oppressor Mine gains 1 additional charge
  • Level 3 Augments
    • Reveal enemies hit by Sniper shots to Kinessa for 5s
    • Kinessa deals 20% more damage to enemies slowed by Oppressor Mines
  • Level 4 Augments
    • Critical Damage increased by 50%
    • Basic attacks deal 25% more damage
  • Level 5 Augments
    • Recover 1 ammo after hitting enemies twice during Sniper Mode
    • Restore 2% ultimate energy per hit on enemies with the Carbine or Sniper Rifle

  • Heroism Talent
    • Gain 70% damage reduction for 1s after using Combat Slide.
      Hitting enemies with basic attacks reduces the cooldown of
      Combat Slide by 0.5s.

  • Missile Launcher
    • Fire 1 homing missile at every enemy within the locked area 2 missiles forward that fly straight, each dealing 450 Area Damage.
  • Great Bombard Talent
    • Missile Launcher fires 6 missiles in a designated area. If 2 or more
      hit a target the subsequent missiles deal 30% damage.
  • Strafe Talent
    • Missle Launcher fires 3 rounds of missiles, up to 6. The explosive
      area of the last round of missiles is increased by 20% and deals 20%
      more damage.
    Sha Lin

  • Skewer Talent
    • Using Withdraw restores 2 ammo and replaces your next basic
      attack with an Impaler Arrow.
  • Desert Shadow Talent
    • After hitting enemies with Longbow you have a 20% chance to
      summon a mirage and enter Stealth for 1s.
  • Level 2 Augment
    • Kills and assists restore 3.5% ultimate energy
    • Withdraw gains an additional charge

  • Hunting Party Talent
    • After activating Hunter’s Mark, nearby allies will also gain the effects of
      Hunter’s Mark and nearby invisible enemies are revealed to them.

  • Inferno Blade
    • Swing your sword and dash forward. At maximum distance a
      flaming whirlwind will explode, dealing 580 damage to enemies on
      Bonus Damage: Each time an enemy is hit with Inferno Blade, a
      Flame Strike will fire toward the direction of the closest enemy in
      the area, dealing 300 damage to the enemy on impact.
  • Counter
    • Enter a counter stance for 1.5s. Negate the next projectile attack to
      trigger a flaming whirlwind, dealing 900 damage to enemies
      within the area. If an enemy attacks into your
      blade, you negate any effects of the hit and counter-attack dealing
      400 damage.
  • Guillotine Talent
    • Fire a Flame Strike toward the next closest enemy within the area
      when Zhin damages enemies, dealing 300 damage.
    • Zhin gains a shield for 2s that blocks 500 damage when hitting
      enemies with Inferno Blade.
  • Retaliation Talent
    • Reduce the cooldown of Counter by 50%
    • Stun enemies hit by Counter for 3s.
  • Level 2 Augment
    • Stun enemies hit by Counter for 1s
    • Reduce cooldown of Counter by 20%
  • Level 3 Augment
    • Counter can only restore 1 ammo when it hits an enemy.
    • Restore 1 ammo each time when Counter hits an enemy.
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