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Twitch Tournaments

Players will now be able to join Twitch Tournaments in Paladins Strike! Your favorite streamers can host tournaments through the GameOn Twitch extension and they will appear in game under Play>Twitch Tournaments. To join, select the tournament and enter the code you receive from the GameOn extension on the streamer’s Twitch page. You will only need to enter a code once, this links your Twitch account to your Paladins Strike account for the purpose of these tournaments. After your accounts are linked, you can use the in-game UI to enter tournaments, earn points, and rise to victory!

How do I setup a Twitch Tournament?

  • Install the GameOn Tournament Organizer
  • Navigate to your Dashboard
  • Follow the infographic below and make sure to have your Twitch Name within the Title of the tournament.
  • Enable the extension within your channel profile section so others can join and view the tournament standings.
  • Remember to join your own tournament!

  • Enter the code provided by GameOn in-game and players can join all future tournaments by just clicking the join button without getting another code unless it’s a password protected tournament.

How do I join a Twitch Tournament?

  • Sign in to your Twitch account and navigate to the channel of the person hosting the tournament.
  • Follow the infographic below and enter the code provided by GameOn into Paladins Strike.

Game Balance

  • Ice Witch Talent
    • Move 10% 15% faster after Ice Staff for 4s, max 3 stacks.

  • Level 4 Augment
    • Reduce cooldown of Ghost Walk by 5s 3s.

  • Rampant Blooming Talent
    • Blossom heals and adds a seed on allies that lasts 3s 2s. The seed blocks an attack and roots nearby enemies for 1.5s when triggered or when it expires.

  • Magnums damage increased from 220 to 250.

  • Assassin Talent
    • Every 4th 3rd Dagger attack gains 100% Critical Chance.

  • Catalyst Talent
    • Use Enhancement Potion to instantly remove negative effects from allies within the area and reduce CC duration by 50% for 3s 4s.
  • Mega Potion Talent
    • Healing Potion heals for 400 350 more HP.

  • Seedling Talent
    • Each time you damage an enemy, leave a seed that sticks to them. After an enemy has 3 seeds on them, the seeds will explode after 3 seconds dealing 500 400 damage and spreading seeds to enemies within the area. 1 Seed can be applied every 6 seconds.
  • Blastflower Talent
    • Wand of Overgrowth explodes to create a Dead Zone for 2s 3s.
  • Dead Zone duration increased from 2s to 3s.

  • Whirlwind Talent
    • Recover 600 500 HP every second during Billow.
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