Hotfix 5.4
Dev Insights

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    User Experience

  • Extended duration of Beach Party Battle Pass.
  • Resonator Inara released.


Unlocked with Crystals.

Game Balance

  • Level 4 Augment
    • Critical Damage increased by 50% 30%.

  • Bounce House Talent
    • Increase the effective area of Heroic Leap and knockback enemies on impact into the air for 1s 0.8s.

  • Healing Totem basic health reduced from 1500 to 1200.
  • Tempest single healing reduced from 150+2% Grohk’s maximum health to 120+2% Grohk’s maximum health.
  • Level 3 Augment
    • Nearby enemies take 25% 35% more damage during Ghost Walk and effective radius increased from 4m to 7m.

  • Catalyst Talent
    • Use Enhancement Potion to instantly remove negative effects from allies within the area and reduce CC duration by 50% for 3s.
  • Mega Potion Talent
    • Healing Potion heals for 550 400 more HP.
  • Level 5 Augment
    • Enhancement Potion increase damage of allies’ basic attacks by 50% 35%.

  • Resonance Talent
    • Defeated illusions or illusions that are going to disappear will chase nearby allies or enemies and heal 250 150 HP or deal 250 damage to them.
  • Level 3 Augment
    • Illustion take 50% 70% less damage.
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