Update 5.0 | Core System Updates
Dev Insights

Welcome to the notes for Update 5.0, where we share information about our newest game features, balances, and other changes to Paladins Strike. For all the latest information, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Discord, and YouTube. Thanks for your continued support!

    User Experience

  • Added team composition prompt to assist players in selecting roles for a good team composition.
  • Added menu to change and equip talents on the Champion Selection screen.
  • Added an auto-aim feature for basic attacks. (Toggled within Gameplay Settings.)
  • Added map name to Champion Selection screen within Siege Mode.
  • Double Silver Key Cards have been added to the in-game store.
  • Skin bonuses now reward Silver Keys instead of Gold.
  • Resource bar now displays Scrolls, and no longer displays Gold and Tickets.
  • Added auto-aim to Viktor’s basic attacks in the Tutorial.
  • WIP tags have been added to unfinished Talents.
  • Summons, Deathmatch and King Mode queues have been merged and rotate every 7 hours.

  • Thorn Maiden
  • Headhunter
  • Resonator

  • Optimized network hitching and lag.
  • We will continue to improve our technology and game performance in future updates.

  • Each Rank has multiple divisions within them.
  • Grandmasters will be ranked on the Global Leaderboard based on the number of stars collected.
  • Win matches to gain stars, losing a match will deduct a star.
  • Collect Warrior Points to gain extra stars.
    • If a player is about to be demoted, and their Warrior Points are at least half of a star for their division, the system will deduct all Warrior Points instead and they will remain in their current division.

  • Weekly rewards will be based on the highest rank a player achieved the previous week.
  • Season rewards will be based on the highest rank a player achieved in the previous season.
  • Seasons will reset monthly.
  • At the start of each season, players will be placed into divisions based on the highest rank they achieved in the previous system.
  • More details in the Ranked System Update blog.

  • Players now upgrade Runes per role instead of per Champion.

  • After upgrading the stats of a role to max level, players can reroll stats for each Champion in the different colors.
    • During rerolls, stat types can be changed and the values can be increased.

  • Scrolls and Rune Cores are used to upgrade Runes and reroll stats.
  • More details in the Rune System Update blog.

  • Champion specific Talents (formerly Legendary Runes) are being reintroduced.
  • All Champions (including WIP Champions) have one Talent unlocked by default.

Champions marked with “WIP” are still being worked on and will be released in a future update.

  • Augments (formerly Talents) have been adjusted to be more Champion specific. The example shown above is Cassie’s new Augments.

  • Gold and Tickets removed.
  • Any unused Gold/Tickets will be compensated back to players in special Compensation Chests that contain Runes and Scrolls.
  • All used and unused Runes will be compensated through special role based Compensation Chests.
  • New currency Scrolls will be used to upgrade Runes and make purchases within the Mystery Store.

  • New currency to open chests in the game, Silver Keys and Platinum Keys.
    • Silver Keys are obtained after each match played and Platinum Keys are obtained when Daily Quests are completed.
  • New currency Essence will be used to unlock Champion Talents.
  • More details in the Currency System Update blog.
Game Balance

  • Salvo has been replaced with Thrust
  • Thrust
    • Fly into the air, Drogoz’s ammo cannot be blocked by walls and Thrust energy does not recover during flight.
    • Bonus: Can pass through shields and units during its duration.
  • Fire Spit damage increased from 1000 damage to 1200.
    • Bonus: Explosive radius and damage increases based on Fire Spite’s travel distance.
  • Dragon Punch damage reduced from 100% of your target’s maximum health to 50% and up to 2 punches can be delivered.

  • Ice Block bonus to reset Blink after use has been removed.

  • Soul Orb now applies soul charges to damaged targets, a stack of 5 soul charges will stun the target for 1s.

  • Calamity Blast damage reduced from 850 to 400.
    • Added Bonus: Deals additional damage equal to 10% of Terminus’ maximum health.

  • Dimensional Link cooldown increased from 2s to 5s.
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