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Dev Insights

Hey Strikers! Today we will talk about the third major system update coming in Update 5.0, Ranked. We’re excited about the changes and hope you will be as well! Let’s jump into it.


Players will no longer be limited to a single rank up for each week. In Update 5.0, players can freely rank up at their own pace. This will also work the same for ranking down as well. In order to rank up, players will need to earn a number of required stars through match wins.

Each rank will require a different number of stars to promote through divisions:

  • Bronze III, Bronze II, Bronze I
  • Silver III, Silver II, Silver I
  • Gold IV, Gold III, Gold II, Gold I
  • Platinum V, Platinum IV, Platinum III, Platinum II, Platinum I
  • Diamond V, Diamond IV, Diamond III, Diamond II, Diamond I
  • Master V, Master IV, Master III, Master II, Master I

Once a player reaches Grandmaster, they will be ranked on a leaderboard against other Grandmasters by their total number of stars earned.

Seasons are being introduced alongside the system update to Ranked. Each Season will last roughly a month and ranks will be reset in the new Season depending on where they placed previously. We will be keeping weekly rewards in the game and introducing Season rewards too.

Players will be placed within the new Ranked system depending on where they ended before Update 5.0 is rolled out. If there’s a rank that you’ve set your eyes on, do it quickly; Update 5.0 is coming soon!

We cannot wait for the community to get their hands on the new system. Make sure to check out Runes and Currency system update if you haven’t already.  For all the latest information, be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagramDiscord, and YouTube. Thanks for your continued support!

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