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Hey Strikers! We’re back again to talk about another system change that’s happening in Update 5.0, currencies.  Players will be compensated for all spent and unspent currencies. Please be aware the UI is still being worked on and screenshots shown within this post are subject to change. Let’s jump right in.

Update: We’ve taken community feedback into consideration regarding the upcoming Rune compensations and will now be granting role based compensation for the new systems in Update 5.


Gold and Tickets will be merged into a new currency called Scrolls. Any unused Gold/Tickets will be compensated back to players in special Compensation Chests that contain Runes and Scrolls. Scrolls will be used to upgrade runes moving forward.

We talked about runes in our last system update blog, and we will be compensating all used and unused runes, rune chests and random rune cores through Compensation Chests. These are the same chests we just mentioned with unused Gold/Tickets and will contain Rune Cores and Scrolls.

Players can go on playing as they normally would and still get the same compensation without worrying about it being better to save or use their currency before the update.

We are introducing Silver and Platinum Keys which will be earned through gameplay to open chests within the update. Silver Keys will be earned at the end of matches and Platinum Keys are obtained when Daily Quests are completed.

Silver Keys will be used to open Silver Chests that contain Rune Cores, Scrolls, and Essence.  For those that played during Soft Launch, you may be familiar with them. Essence will be used to unlock Talents formerly Legendary Runes for Champions.

Platinum Keys will be used to unlock Platinum Chests. These contain the same items found within Silver Chests but also include Champion Fragments. There are unlimited Silver and Platinum Chests to open as long as you’ve got the keys for them.

Since Gold will no longer be a currency in the update, all Gold Cards that were used or unused will be converted to Silver Key Cards. This includes the account buffs tied to winning games.

We know this is a lot to digest and hopefully, this will help in understanding how players are getting compensated and how the new currency will be used.

We cannot wait for the community to get their hands on the new system. Stay tuned as we will be talking more about other reworks for next update! For all the latest information, be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagramDiscord, and YouTube. Thanks for your continued support!

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