New Champion | Willo
Dev Insights

New Champion
Enters the Realm!


of the Summer Court




Wand of Overgrowth

Fire a magic orb that deals 300 area damage. Enemies closer to the explosive center will take higher damage, up to 1000 damage.

Dead Zone

Fire out a toxic spore that prevents all healing in an area. Enemies that move out of the spore will continue to be affected for 2 seconds.


Quickly flutter your wings and propel yourself backwards. Attack all enemies within the area when the Flutter ends, dealing 600 damage.

Fae Flight

Take to the sky and gain immunity for 10 seconds. For the duration, Willo’s movement speed increases by 20% and she is able to fire a huge magic orb toward the ground dealing 300 area damage to enemies. Enemies closer to the explosive center will take up to 600 bonus damage.



Basic Attacks deal +20% more damage to Shields – OR – Basic attacks reduce healing by 50%
Reduce the cooldown of Dead Zone by 3s. – OR – Enemies hit by Flutter move 30% slower.
Ultimate charges 100% faster. – OR – Move 50% faster in the effective area of Dead Zone.
Basic Attacks deal 35% more damage. – OR – Critical Chance increases by 25%
Kills and assists reset the cooldown of Flutter. – OR – Ammo reloads 200% faster.


Emerald Rose

Unlocked in Awards.


Unlocked with Crystals.

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