Battle Pass 2 | Beach Party
Dev Insights

Hey, Strikers! Summertime is here, who’s ready for a party!? Grab your sunglasses and remember to wear plenty of sunscreen as you dive into the newest Battle Pass. For all the latest information, be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagramDiscord, and YouTube. Thanks for your continued support!

Battle Pass

  • Mermaid Ying
  • Surf’s Up Sha Lin
  • Lifeguard Makoa
  • Sunkissed Seris

  • Water Dragon
  • Scuba
  • Summer Treat
  • Summer Fun
  • Coconut
    Account Cosmetics

  • Crashing Wave
  • Lingering Love
  • Holy Light

  • Surf’s Up
  • Catching a Wave
  • Diving Deep
  • Water Fight!
  • Beach Relaxation
  • Sieging Sandcastles

Surf’s Up Sha Lin

Mermaid Ying

Sunkissed Seris

Lifeguard Makoa

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