Siege Ranking 101
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Hi everyone. Today, I want to explain how Siege ranking works, including information on promotions, demotions, rewards, and more. This is a particularly important update for players who are in Diamond this week and hope to reach Master next week.

In Siege, you advance through 7 different ranks: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Grandmaster. Rather than competing against all players at once, each rank is separated into Divisions of 200 players. You compete against other players in your Division based on a score, and you receive rewards based on your performance at the end of each week. To increase your score, you have to win games. If you go on winstreaks, you can increase your score faster by earning bonus points for longer winstreaks. If you lose, your score will decrease. Even though your Division is limited to 200 players, you will be placed in matches with players from multiple Divisions. This allows for better matchmaking, but more personal competition within your own Division.

In order to promote to a new rank, you must meet the following criteria:

As you can see, it becomes more difficult to progress as you reach higher ranks. This means only the most dedicated and skilled players will be able to reach Master and Grandmaster. However, players continue to earn valuable rewards each week even when a promotion is not earned.

If your games are getting too difficult and you rank in the bottom 2.5% of players in your Division, then you will be demoted. Players who reach Grandmaster cannot be demoted unless those players become inactive (i.e., stop playing Paladins Strike for an extended period of time) or we complete a seasonal reset (none planned at the moment).

Where our system gets more complex is with Incomplete Divisions, defined as any Division with less than 200 players. Incomplete Divisions follow the same formula as other Divisions, but with some exceptions. For example, imagine you are a Diamond player. Here are some possible outcomes you may experience based on theoretical Divisions:

As you can see, there are promotions and demotions happening in most Incomplete Divisions. However, Division F does not have enough players. In this case, players in Division F will receive bonus rewards for the week and priority placement in a complete Division (if available) for the next week. None of the players in Division F will change rank. Players in Diamond this week will experience what is written for Division C.

We understand this system is not perfect, and that some players will be unfairly held back simply because of random placement into an Incomplete Division. We will solve those problems in a future update, and I apologize for the inconvenience.

Hopefully, this is helpful for new players and veterans alike in understanding (and planning for) progression in our Siege ranking system. We will continue to monitor the system’s performance and make improvements over time. As always, feel free to reach out on Social Media, Discord, or /r/PaladinsStrike if you have questions.

— Lionheart

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