Update 1.0 | Onward, Strikers!
Dev Insights


Welcome to the notes for Update 1.0, where we share information about new Champions, game features, promotions, and other changes to Paladins Strike. For all the latest information, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Thanks for your continued support!


  • Ying joins the Realm.
  • Zhin joins the Realm.
  • Mal’Damba joins the Realm.
  • Players with access to the Free Champion Promotion will automatically receive Ying after maintenance.

  • Improved controls for radial targeting weapons (e.g., Pip and Bomb King).
  • Deployables (e.g., Barricade, Turrets) now scale based on a Champion’s Runes.
  • Map variables (e.g., Fountains, Juggernauts) now scale based on the match’s average Champion Rune level.
  • Added a new icon that shows when a player is being healed.
  • Added a new indicator when an ability buffs or replaces a Champion’s primary weapon attack.
  • We are testing Siege changes to improve gameplay and reduce spawn camping in a future update.
    Reload Mechanic

  • Moved the Reload button to a better location.
  • Cooldown increased from 20 seconds to 50 seconds.
    User Experience

  • Daily Quests have been updated.
  • Players can now browse the Siege Leaderboards and Match History while in queue.
  • Play Again will now return party members back to the party screen instead of entering them into queue.
  • Players must now be at least level 5 to participate in Global Chat.
  • Added a new prompt that warns players about poor connection quality before entering a match.
  • Added an Open All option to player inventories (no more rolling Rune Cores one at a time).
  • Added a Store shortcut to Gold and Tickets in the top navigation bar.
  • Added a Grandmaster Avatar for players to unlock in the future.
  • Added a Game Master Avatar for the Paladins Strike team.
  • Added a Heavenly Striker Avatar for the new cross-promotion Awards.
  • Added a Ying Avatar for playing 50 matches as Ying.
  • Added a Zhin Avatar for playing 50 matches as Zhin.
  • Added a Mal’Damba Avatar for playing 50 matches as Mal’Damba.
  • Significantly improved our localization. We will continue to make efforts here and appreciate your patience.

  • Free Champion Promotion has been discontinued for new players.
  • Free Login Award Promotion has begun for all players.
  • A Limited Offer for Soft Launch exclusive content was added to the Store.
  • New Bundles were added to the Store.
  • Lionheart has arrived.

  • Added new Awards that provide bonuses in both Paladins Strike and Paladins.
  • Award 1 – Connect your Hi-Rez account with Paladins Strike.
  • Award 2 – Win 25 matches of Siege or Summons in Paladins Strike.
  • Award 3 – Collect 1500 Crystals in Paladins Strike.
  • For more on this, please visit our blog post here: Paladins Cross Promotion.

  • Fixed a bug where Evie could exploit Blink to leave spawn early in matches.
  • Fixed a bug in Siege where projectiles were colliding with invisible volumes on the map.
  • Fixed a bug where players could exploit matchmaking to queue as four or five in Siege.
  • Fixed a bug where players were earning killstreaks based on eliminations instead of last hits.
  • Fixed a bug where sign-in rewards were not properly displaying on one screen.
  • Fixed a bug where Gold Bundle and Ticket Bundle totals were not dynamically increasing.
  • Fixed a bug where scrolling bars were not displaying in the UI.
  • Fixed a bug where Screen Shake was appearing in the Audio settings.
  • Fixed a bug where the reconnecting warning was displayed whenever the game was first opened.
  • Fixed a bug where hotfixes were not properly deploying until the game’s next restart.
  • Various technical optimizations and other fixes.
  • We discovered the crash rate is high on Samsung devices. This will be improved next update!
Game Balance

  • Reversal cooldown increased from 12 seconds to 14 seconds.

  • Dome Shield’s Flamethrower is now immune to all damage.

  • Dodge Roll now restores one weapon energy on use.

  • Missile Launcher max range reduced from 30 to 20.
  • Fire Spit max range reduced from 30 to 20.
  • Replaced Speed Up with Salvo.
  • Salvo fires a barrage of 5 missiles, each dealing 200 area damage.

  • Flame Lance target area was significantly increased.
  • Flame Lance damage increased from 200 to 250.
  • Flame Lance burn damage increased from 50 to 100.
  • Immortal now grants immunity from Drogoz’s Dragon Punch.

  • Tempest charge rate reduced.

  • Throwing Axe minimum damage increased from 300 to 400.

  • Sniper Mode cooldown increased from 1 second to 8 seconds.
  • Headhunter charge rate reduced.
  • Headhunter now uses a different VFX to help players understand when it’s active.

  • Magnums damage increased from 200 to 250.
  • Combat Slide dash speed reduced slightly.

  • Potion Launcher damage increased from 350 to 400.
  • Healing Potion effective radius increased by 50%.
  • Healing Potion cooldown reduced from 10 seconds to 6 seconds.

  • Miniguns damage reduced from 100 to 85.
  • Missile Launcher effective radius increased by 100%.
  • Missile Launcher damage increased from 300 to 450.

  • Updated intro animation to be less seductive.

  • Power Siphon cooldown increased from 8 seconds to 14 seconds.
  • Reanimate VFX updated to show the damage boundaries better.

  • Auto Rifle range increased from 12 to 13.5.
  • Fire Bomb effective radius increased by 25%.
  • Fire Bomb damage increased from 6% to 10%.
  • Crossfire updated to let you spray and pray. Activate, then hold down your primary fire and enjoy.
New Champions
Enters the Realm!


The Blossom




Illusory Mirror

Fires a penetrating beam that deals 250 area damage 4 times.


Create an illusion that restores 200 health every second to a nearby ally. Lasts for 12 seconds.

Dimensional Link

Swap your location with an active illusion every 2 seconds.

Illusory Rift

Send out a healing buff that restores 500 health every second to nearby allies. Last for 8 seconds.



Basic attacks reduce healing by 50% – OR – Gain 25% area damage reduction
Basic attacks deal 25% more damage – OR – Ability cooldowns reduced by 25%
Shield and healing increased by 35% – OR – Movement increased by 25%
Max health increased by 35% – OR – Recovery increased by 30%
Illusory Rift charges 200% faster – OR – Ability cooldowns reduced by 30%



Unlocked in Awards.


Unlocked with Crystals.


Spring Festival Exclusive.




Enters the Realm!


The Tyrant




Inferno Blade

Dash forward and swing your sword, passing through enemies and dealing 650 area damage. A Flame Strike will be created for each enemy hit. Flame Strikes fire at the next closest enemy and deal 400 damage.


Enter a counter stance for 4 seconds. If an enemy attacks into your blade, you negate the damage and counter with a Flame Strike that deals 500 damage.


Disperse into smoke and become invulnerable for 4 seconds.


Launch forward and incapacitate an enemy with 4 vicious melee attacks dealing 600 damage each. Flame Strikes from Inferno Blade are created with each attack.



Basic attacks deal 20% more damage – OR – Basic attacks reduce healing by 50%
Gain 20% area damage reduction – OR – Critical chance increases by 20%
Counter restores 250 health – OR – Billow restores 300 health as you touch enemies
Gain 20% lifesteal – OR – Increase movement by 80% while Billow is active
Max health increased by 35% – OR – Eliminations charge Spite faster


Jade Tyrant

Unlocked in Awards.


Unlocked with Crystals.




Enters the Realm!


Wekono’s Chosen




Spitting Cobra

Fire a spread of 3 venom globs, each dealing 200 damage. If Mal’Damba runs out of weapon energy, he will throw a Magic Cobra that stuns enemies as soon as he can attack again. The Magic Cobra cannot be aimed and will always fire forward.

Mending Spirits

Summon a spirit to heal the closest ally for 1200 health over 4 seconds.


Mal’Damba gains 50% movement and leaves behind a trail of venom that restores 400 health every second to allies and deals 400 damage every second to enemies. Lasts for 5 seconds.

Dread Serpent

Toss a dark vessel that explodes when it lands, fearing enemies on impact for 4 seconds.



Movement increased by 20% – OR – CC duration reduced by 50%
Ability cooldowns reduced by 20% – OR – Gain 25% basic attack damage reduction
Basic attacks deal 40% more damage – OR – Gain 20% area damage reduction
Shield and healing increased by 30% – OR – Max health increased by 35%
Dread Serpent charges 200% faster – OR – Critical chance increased by 40%



Unlocked in Awards.


Unlocked with Crystals.




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