An Update on the Free Champion Promotion
Dev Insights

Hi everyone. I want to share some information about our 14-day login promotion, which will be changing this week.

As you may know, Paladins Strike is currently running a promotion in Soft Launch where players receive one new Champion for free each day. Our goal was to give you more Champions to play with while having something new to look forward to. While we completed those goals, there were some unintended side effects: (1) Players disliked waiting to unlock a specific Champion; (2) Paying players wanted to pay for a specific Champion, but felt obligated to wait since the Champion would eventually be free; and (3) There was a desire for other content to be included in the promotion (for example, Skins).

After considering our options, we will be discontinuing the Free Champion Promotion on Wednesday, April 25 and replacing it with a Login Award Promotion (details below). Any player that creates a user account before maintenance on April 25 will retain access to the Free Champion Promotion until it is completed by the player. I know this is disappointing to some people, so let me jump into what your options are:

A.  Join Discord (link on the /r/PaladinsStrike subreddit) and find out how to create a new user account before April 25 maintenance, which will give you access to the Free Champion Promotion. Contrary to popular belief, you can do this even if the game is not available in your country today.

B.  Unlock Champions using Tickets (a freemium in-game currency). Champions who were part of the Free Champion Promotion will have a discounted price compared to new Champions.

C.  Unlock Champions using Crystals (a premium in-game currency). Champions who were part of the Free Champion Promotion will have a discounted price compared to new Champions, and we will bundle them together by role for an extra discount.For those who haven’t played before, you earn Tickets by completing Awards (permanent achievements) and Daily Quests (daily achievements). Moving forward, a new player will be able to unlock at least one Champion of his or her choosing on the first day, which we believe will create a better experience for players than the previous promotion. You can also try all Champions in Practice Mode to make sure you find the best one for you before spending your Tickets.

No matter what option you choose, all players will be able to participate in the new Login Award Promotion. This promotion will include three Champions, five premium Skins, a Mega Rune Chest, and other useful items — all free. Similar to the previous promotion, you will receive one draw per server day.

Thank you for understanding, and please reach out if you have questions.

— Lionheart

P.S. – Players who already own content in the Login Award Promotion will receive bonus Tickets as compensation when rolling any unlocked items. If you desire a Crystal refund instead, we are more than happy to provide it and ask that you please open a Customer Support ticket from the Settings, Contact Us menu in-game. I apologize for any inconvenience!

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