Paladins Cross Promotion
Dev Insights

Hey Strikers, get excited because we announced bonuses that you can unlock in Paladins just by playing Strike! Here’s how:

Strike Maeve

  • Download Paladins Strike and link your Hi-Rez Account within the app.

“Heavenly Striker” Title and Strike Avatar

  • Win 25 matches in Siege or Summons mode playing Paladins Strike.

Covert Ops Lex

  • Obtain 1500 Crystals within Paladins Strike
    • Players can either purchase or obtain through gameplay.
    • Covert Ops Lex will be rewarded in Paladins. (Not Paladins Strike.)

See you in The Realm, Strikers!

P.S. – For those of you who watched the Paladins OB70 Update Showcase today, you’ll notice these requirements are a little different. We’re sorry for that mistake; these are the correct requirements.

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