CB07 Patch Notes - Expanding Soft Launch!
Dev Insights

Welcome Strikers! We’re here to update you on all the exciting new changes being brought to live this week from our PTS!

First and foremost, Paladins Strike is now available in 24 countries! Here is the full list:

  • Turkey
  • Poland
  • Ukraine
  • Romania
  • Bulgaria
  • Greece
  • Lithuania
  • Belarus
  • Latvia
  • Estonia
  • Serbia
  • Hungary
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Macedonia
  • Albania
  • Moldova
  • Slovakia
  • Croatia
  • Slovenia
  • Czechia
  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Cyprus
  • Australia

In addition to expanding our country list, we’ve brought over the experiments from the PTS for you to play in live! Here’s a breakdown of all the features we’re adding:

  • New manual shooting – Every Champion has been reworked with a new manual shooting mechanic for their auto attacks and abilities. Every Basic Attack is now aimed, with each Champion’s ammo being reworked into an energy system.
  • New Rune System – The Rune System has been completely reworked! Don’t worry if you already spent resources towards the old system though, you will be compensated for your effort! In the new system, you will collect Rune Cores from various activities in the game, then use them to upgrade the , green, or blue rune page of the champion associated with those rune cores. Upon upgrading a full rune page, the page will upgrade and give an extra level bonus!
  • New Ranked System – Our Ranked System has also been reworked! In the new system, players will be broken up into 200 player sub-divisions of their main division (Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc.) At the end of each week, players will promote , demote, or remain in their divisions based on their placement in the weekly sub-division.
General System Changes
  • In order to accommodate the new Rune System, our Sign-In, Daily Activity Chests, Achievements, and Level Up Bundles have all had their rewards adjusted.
  • 14 of our Champions will now be available through our Free Champions promotion. This promotion will allow you to obtain one of these Champions for free each day until you have unlocked them all! These Champions will still be available for sale for 299 Crystals in the store.
  • Previously in Paladins Strike, most of our Champions had recolor style skins. We’re happy to announce that all of those skins will be available for free through the Awards system! If you previously owned one of these skins, you will be refunded. Any Champions who did not have recolors before have been given one, and you can unlock them by winning 100 games with a Champion!
  • All skins will now grant +5% Rune Attributes and +100% Gold Acquisition from games instead of the previous bonuses.
  • The Tutorial has been adjusted to accommodate the changes to the shooting and capture point mechanics.
General Gameplay Changes
  • The walls around the objective point in Siege have been removed.
  • The Fish Market Siege map is now the only map in the Siege rotation.
  • Capture Point mechanics have been altered (pray we do not alter them further). Now players must “lock” the capture point for their team by filling up a small bar by standing on the point. Once the point is “locked”, the point is captured for their team and they are free to leave the capture point.
  • Targeters have been optimized for all abilities and basic attacks.
  • All allied attacks are now colored with bright blue effects, while enemy attacks are colored red.
  • A manual reload option has been added that will reload all energy when pressed.
  • The killstreak notification on the player nameplate has been removed.
  • All Legendary Runes have been disabled. Don’t worry, we are working on them!
  • The cooldown effect on abilities has been adjusted to be more noticeable.


  • The maximum health of the Juggernaut has been increased.
  • The maximum health of the Bases has been increased.
  • The maximum health of the Healing Fountains has been increased.
Champion Balance

All Champions have had their primary fire reworked and an ability removed.


  • Revolver damage has been increased from 400 to 450.
  • Revolver range has been increased by 25%.
  • Defiance angle has been reduced by 30%.
  • Reversal now absorbs damage from both the front and the sides.
  • Reversal’s cooldown has been reduced from 16s to 12s.
  • Removed Defiance.


  • Shoulder Bash charging speed has been increased by 20%.
  • Shoulder Bash cooldown has been reduced by 2 seconds.
  • Removed Kinetic Burst.


  • Blunderbuss damage has been reduced from 175 to 160.
  • Barricade’s cooldown has been increased from 10s to 15s.
  • Health of Turrets has been reduced by 25%.
  • Removed Dwarf Grenade.

Bomb King

  • Basic Attack targeter has been adjusted.
  • Removed Poppy Bomb.


  • Increased max health from 2800 to 3200
  • Shotgun damage has been increased from 175 to 200.
  • Removed Net Shot.


  • Crossbow damage has been increased from 350 to 450.
  • Blast Shot damage has been increased from 400 to 600.
  • Dodge Roll cooldown has been reduced from 6s to 4s.
  • Removed Disengage.


  • Reduced Max Health from 2400 to 2100.
  • Rocket Launcher damage has been reduced from 700 to 650.
  • Simplified Thrust ability now replaces Salvo and increases Drogoz’ movement speed by 25%.
  • Fire Spit damage has been reduced from 1250 to 1000.
  • Fire Spit now aims at the lowest health enemy in the area by default when tapping the ability.
  • Removed Salvo.


  • Ice Staff attack area has been reduced by 25%.
  • Ice Staff damage has been increased from 300 to 350.
  • Blink’s cooldown has been reduced from 8s to 6s.
  • Ice Block’s explosive damage cap has been increased from 550 to 1100.
  • Removed Soar.


  • Adjusted attack area to be a rectangle instead of a cone.
  • Removed Fireball.


  • Lightning Staff damage has been reduced from 800 to 700.
  • Healing Totem healing has been increased from 150 to 250.
  • Ultimate Charge Rate has been reduced by 30%.
  • Removed Chain Lightning.


  • Blossom healing area has been standardized between the passive and active effects of the ability.
  • Blossom passive healing has been reduced from 200 to 100.
  • Blossom active healing has been reduced from 1000 to 700.
  • Blossom now heals all allies around Grover.
  • Whirlwind’s radius has been reduced by 20%.
  • Whirlwind’s ultimate charge rate from taking damage has been reduced by 25%.
  • Health has been increased by 500.
  • Removed Crippling Throw.


  • Removed Teleporter.


  • Removed Retribution.


  • Removed Nine Lives.


  • Removed Shell Spin.


  • Healing Potion projectile speed increased by 10%.
  • Healing Potion cooldown has been reduced from 12s to 10s.
  • Evil Mojo projectile speed has been increased by 25%.
  • Removed Explosive Flask.


  • Reduced Maximum Health by 500.
  • Removed Advance.


  • Removed Poison Darts.


  • Removed Shatterfall.


  • Basic Attack damage has been increased from 200 to 250.
  • Removed Nade Launcher.


  • Increased max health from 2400 to 2600.
  • Assault Rifle range has been reduced from 30 to 18.
  • Frag Grenade cooldown has been reduced by 2 seconds.
  • Removed Iron Sights.


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