PTS Complete. Thanks for Helping Test!
Dev Insights

Hi everyone!

We updated the LIVE environment today to include a bunch of new countries in Eastern Europe, as well as the changes that were being tested on the PTS. By the way, big thanks to everyone who helped us evaluate those changes. Our plan now is to focus on LIVE and gather feedback from the many players who are experiencing Paladins Strike for the first time. We will examine the game’s performance (measured via specific data) to further improve the game and see if we are in a position to move forward with a global release.

Since this is a crucial time for Paladins Strike, the development team has asked if we can focus on LIVE and take down the PTS. I approved the request. What that means is the PTS servers will come offline within 24 hours, and the only way to continue enjoying Paladins Strike will be to play in the LIVE environment. For those of you located outside of the countries which have access to Paladins Strike today, there are many tutorials and people in the community who can help you maneuver around the territory restriction to gain access.

Remember, our top goal is to release Paladins Strike to you as soon as we can. Refocusing our efforts on LIVE will help us reach that objective. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out on social media or Discord. Thanks for your continued support!

— Lionheart

P.S. – If you didn’t notice, we’ve decided to increase the Free Champions from 6 to 20. It’s my sincere belief that you should be able to experience Paladins Strike for free as it was intended, and that’s simply not possible without a large roster of characters to enjoy.

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