PTS Phase 2: 7 Updated Champions!
Dev Insights

Hey Strikers!

We’re excited to reveal phase 2 of our weekly PTS updates, now including 7 more Champions!

iOS Testers: Update the app by opening TestFlight and tapping Update.

Android Testers: Uninstall the previous version of the PTS and go to this link to download and install the new version.

Updated Champions



  • Axe Throw – Grover throws his axe, dealing more damage to targets that are further away.
  • Blossom – Activate to heal the lowest health nearby ally.
  • Vine – Throw a vine that will latch on to the environment and pull Grover to it.
  • Whirlwind – Grover summons Spring in a whirlwind of healing magic, healing nearby allies.


  • Arc Staff – Grohk sends out a pulse with his arc staff. After a short delay, the area in front of him explodes for damage.
  • Ghost Walk – Grohk becomes immune to damage for a short time. During Ghost Walk, Grohk can move through terrain but cannot attack.
  • Healing Totem – Grohk places a healing totem that heals nearby allies over time.
  • Tempest- Grohk empowers his staff, causing bolts of lightning to deal damage over time to nearby enemies and heal nearby allies. Movement speed is increased during Tempest.


  • Flame Lance – Fernando releases four pulses of flame in a cone dealing damage with each pulse.
  • Charge – Fernando charges forward, dealing damage to all enemies in his path.
  • Shield – Fernando raises his shield and blocks incoming damage. Fernando cannot attack while his shield is up.
  • Immortal – Fernando and his nearby allies cannot be brought below 1500 health for 5 seconds.


  • Crossbow – Cassie lets out three arrows from her crossbow that deal moderate damage.
  • Blast Shot – After activating Blast Shot, the next basic attack that Cassie uses will let out three explosive arrows that deal increased damage in an area.
  • Dodge Roll – Cassie rolls a short distance in a target direction.
  • Awoken Falcon – Cassie sends Ziggs out to the nearest enemy dealing high damage and stunning the target.


  • Burst Cannon – Ash fires out a ball of flak, dealing damage to enemies in an area.
  • Siege Shield – Ash places down a Siege Shield that slowly moves forward from the spot where it was placed. This shield absorbs incoming damage.
  • Shoulder Bash – Ash channels a shoulder bash that increases in distance the longer she channels. Once she charges, the first enemy hit will take damage and be knocked back.
  • Assert Dominance – Ash Leaps forward and plants her banner dealing damage on impact and creating an area of damage immunity for herself.


  • Revolver – Androxus fires out a spread of three bullets in a narrow cone.
  • Reversal – Absorbs all incoming damage from the front. If Reversal absorbs any damage, Androxus will fire a return shot that will penetrate enemies and deal damage equal to 75% of the damage absorbed.
  • Nether Step – Androxus dashes quickly in a target direction. Has three charges.
  • Accursed Arm – Androxus unleashes the power of his arm, causing his next four basic attacks to deal highly increased damage and explode for area damage.


  • Ice Staff – Fire three projectiles in a narrow cone dealing damage and slowing enemies.
  • Ice Block – Evie becomes encased in ice making her immune to all damage. Casting abilities will break Ice Block. At the end of Ice Block, it will explode dealing damage to enemies based on how long Ice Block was active.
  • Blink – Evie teleports forward a short distance in a targeted direction.
  • Ice Storm – Creates a massive Ice Storm that passes through shields and deals damage over time to enemies. Enemies inside Ice Storm are also slowed.
Bug Fixes, Gameplay, and Balance


  • Removed the walls around the objective point in Siege
  • Capped the maximum movement speed of Drogoz’s Ult and Bomb King’s Ult
  • General weapon balance
  • Fixed team coloration bugs with VFX and abilities
  • Fixed bug where tap to refire is not working with radial targeters (e.g. Pip)
  • Adjusted the location of Talents on in-combat screen
  • Created a different targeter for Barricade
  • Removed the “Killstreaks” UI element next to player names
  • Increased valid area of all ability buttons
  • Added new targeter for Bomb King’s primary fire
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